Simple pricing, whatever your volume.

Annual billing – Save 2 months at the monthly rate

Annual billing Monthly billing

* For the purposes of calculating quotas an automation is counted as either a part of or the whole of 3
minutes activity in the Automation Cloud. e.g. An automation which takes 2 minutes 59 seconds will
count as 1 automation and another which takes 3 minutes and 1 second will count as 2 automations.

** Users who exceed the Automations per month limit in their plan are not capped. We charge montly
for any additional out of plan automations at the rate stated.


Download and deploy the Open Source version

Our standard tiers above include full orchestration and support.
Autopilot and our Robot are completely open source.

Download and run your own Automation Cloud instance.


Learn how to script in Autopilot

Get up to speed with Autopilot and create your first script.
Robot School will tutor you. Beware: You may turn a little
bit ‘robot’.


Complete automation toolset

The Automation Cloud toolset includes Autopilot for
scripting any website workflow and our Robot, to run your
interactive APIs in the cloud.