Automation Cloud for Enterprise

Use the Automation Cloud to discover data,
consolidate services or enable powerful web
interactions on behalf of your customers.

Empower your Dev team with our toolset or have our
in-house Automation Team manage your automations.

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Add us to your toolchain or
use our Automation Team

Our Enterprise customers use the Automation Cloud either by adding the Automation Cloud tools to their development toolchain or by using our in-house Automation Team to manage their Automation Cloud services.

Power-up your Dev team to start automating with our tools immediately. They can create super-APIs from any online source: websites or existing APIs. This might be to gather data, test flows, or link some otherwise impossible to access service. Here are a few example uses Enterprise Develpment teams put the Automation Cloud to:

Crawling and scraping

Monitoring prices and inventory

App development

Connecting website flows and APIs


Rapidly trying out API connections


Full-flow (including transactional) website testing

Service efficiencies

API consolidation


Transforming JSON to XML, monitoring changes

Let us manage your Automation Cloud service

Many of our bigger customers rely on our in-house Automation Team to support their suppliers and manage their automations. We have deep experience managing secure, PCI compliant transactional automations meaning you can also take advantage of the Automation Cloud with minimal overhead in your own Dev team.

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Case study: Competitor Analysis

Your competitors don't share neat APIs containing their inventory data,
but they probably publish everything online for their human customers.

The Automation Cloud can access, crawl and return data from any
website. Our customers train it to return pricing data, inventory
information or anything available on the website. They cover all their
competitors with automation to build a complete picture of the
competitive landscape and run these on schedule at scale so they're
always on top of the intelligence.

Others have built live query APIs with the Automation Cloud to return
inventory data on demand. The results are then mixed with other APIs
they already use to analyse and react to data as it changes. This
removes the need for manual intelligence gathering and ramps it up to
API speed.

Autopilot, our automation tool, can automate any action on the internet,
gather data and connect to existing APIs.

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Case study:
Automated customer transactions

Many of our clients offer aggregated product experiences. For
example they present hotel inventory for customers to book or
offer a whole of market view on Broadband deals. Often the
purchase experience happens a leap away, onto a different website.

With the Automation Cloud the underlying transaction
– including sign-in, payment and all other interactions – can be
automated in the background so the customer stays on the
discovery platform. This enhances the customer experience
and reduces churn.

The Automation Cloud is Level 1 PCI compliant, so customer
payment data is completely secure and compliance barriers
are minimal. Our services operate at Enterprise scale and we
can handle whatever volumes you need us to.

Many of our Enterprise customers choose to have our in-house
Automation Team manage their automation services. We
operate a full service, working to onboard new services and
maintain them around the clock. We tailor what we do to the
client and can offer additional services as needed. And in some
cases we look after the complex transactional automations
and leave auxiliary services, like flight check-in, to the internal
Dev team.

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Any automation website

If a human can interact with it online it can
be connected with the Automation Cloud.


Connect existing APIs

Combine web automation with existing
APIs. Or build bespoke super-APIs from
services you already use.


Access any data

Follow any flow and gain deep insights for
analytics at volume or on demand.


Zero Supplier integration

Automate on top of any supplier using
what they already have. No supplier
bottlenecks or restrictions.


Fully Secure & Compliant

We're Level 1 PCI compliant and adhere
to the strictest security protocols. We
understand your need for compliance.


Affiliate model compatible

If you use us to power purchases we're
100% compatible with your existing
affiliate programme for seamless

Rocket duel for connectivity

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Learn how to script in Autopilot

Get up to speed with Autopilot and create your first script.
Robot School will tutor you. Beware: You may turn a little
bit ‘robot’.


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Outputs? Just want to know more? Join us in the
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